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About The Brand

Ava Giselle Collection is a luxury brand who approaches designing & buying with the modern woman in mind. Curating garments that can be key pieces in your wardrobe that lasts forever! 
We want the Ava Giselle Woman to feel sophisticated yet provocative, sleek yet edgy, but mostly classic and elevated!
About The Designer
Born and raised in New Jersey, Kira Abboud was immersed in the fashion industry early on. Working for prestigious brick and mortar companies, the love of creating something of her own was her passion. Now living in Miami, being a mother and wife, Kira is influenced to make collections that are effortless, dateless and chic. 
Who is Ava Giselle?
She’s Independent. Loves creating a warm space in her home or World Traveler. New York. Paris. Dubai. The vacation lifestyle is all she knows. Tan lines in the winter time. She enjoys taking time for herself. She also has a business to run. She’s an entrepreneur, a creative leader. She rules the city, her city. Always effortlessly put together. The go to woman for fashion advice. The friend you reach out to when you want to have a good time. You may not get an answer when you call, but she will call back. Try catching her if you can. Her close circle of friends is hard to break, but she's filled with love & laughter. She wears her expensive sandals to the local market. Because like everything else, her life is over the top. Brunch every Sunday is a must. As she orders a Mimosa with a coffee on the side. She’s the epitome of class, never careless. One eye open always. She knows that exclusivity is everything!
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