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Endless nights of working in retail had me thinking... Why am I NOT doing this on my own? I didn't like what these stores were selling anyway. I wanted to do it bigger and better. I was determined but procrastinated (old habit that quickly faded). I took my time to research everything I needed to know about the eCommerce clothing industry. I dedicated countless hours to figuring this all out. I started sewing until the wee hours in morning, due to pregnancy insomnia. Then it hit me in December 2015!

"Wow! I made my 1st collection!"

2 weeks later my daughter was born. Healthy. 10 fingers. 10 toes. It was then I had my reason. My why... I knew that I had to keep going, but even more relentless than before. Her name is Ava Giselle. I wanted to give her something I never had.

Fast forward to today, a stay at home mom, extremely self conscience of my body. I know my ultimate goal is to provide statement pieces that flatter every body type. Pieces that are classic. Pieces that will outlive trends. I will never follow trends or release items that don't speak to me first. I have different women & body silhouettes in my clothes all the time because I want everyone to feel like "I can SLAY that look!".

So when you open up your package, SLAY baby girl, SLAY!


What's an AGC Babe??

She’s Independent. World Traveler. New York. Paris. Dubai. The vacation lifestyle is all she knows. Tan lines in the winter time. She enjoys taking time for herself. She also has a business to run. She’s an entrepreneur, a creative leader. She rules the city, her city. Always effortlessly put together. The go to woman for fashion advice. The friend you reach out to when you want to have a good time. You may not get an answer when you call, but she will call back. Try catching her if you can. Her close circle of friends is hard to break, but she's filled with love & laughter. She wears her expensive flips flops to the local market. Because like everything else, her life is over the top. Brunch every Sunday is a must. As she orders a Mimosa with a coffee on the side. She’s the epitome of class, never careless. One eye open always. She knows that being exclusive is everything.
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