Meet the Babes

AGC Babes
Here's a little insight on these powerful women!
Thank you for being apart of the family!
^ Alessandra Bregante 
Bust: 32B (32 in.)
Waist: 27 in. 
Hips: 38 in.
Personal style: Bold, comfortable, elegant 
How I shop for my body type/ Personal Style:
 I am a woman who has a lot in the bottom and not so much at the top. I always struggle finding the perfect pants, shorts, skirts, etc. because of my big butt or not filling certain tops, bodysuits, or dresses because of my small breasts. When I shop for my body type I go for statement pieces such as a nice dress, bold pants, or a banging body suit that are made with quality materials that I'm sure will accentuate my figure and fit me just right. I look for comfort in the quality of my clothes. When I know that a certain brand caters to body types that are not the norm (like mine) and also manage to have distinct and elegant apparel, I know my relationship with that brand will be permanent. 
What does it mean to be an AGC babe? 
Being an AGC babe is a dream come true. Firstly, to have had AGC believe in me as a model and ambassador from the beginning means a lot and helps me grow professionally and personally every day. Not only do I get to work with an outstanding team that radiates positivity and motivation, but I also get to call these boss ladies my friends. 
AGC, as the brand that its grown to be, embodies strong, empowered and independent women which is so meaningful in this ever-changing society. Ava Giselle Collection is the epitome of the brand I aim to shop at: it gives you quality, comfort, and caters to such a diverse demographic. All of that while still giving you unique designs and the trendiest pieces! 
I am so blessed that I get to work with people and a brand that embody uniqueness and positivity. I look forward to continue to empower more women and grow our #AGCbabes community. Being an AGC babe has sure given me confidence to flaunt and embrace my body and personality like never before. 
^ Jazzmyne Rain
Bust: 32
Waist: 25
Hip: 35
Personal Style: Vintage, Sporty, Sultry 
What does it mean to be an AGC babe?
The power of & behind an AGC Babe is unstoppable! Being an AGC Babe is all about: loving yourself, having confidence, empowering others, working your ass off & being exclusive! Babe, is just another word for family. We watch each other grow, uplift each other & continuously support each other!
^ Crystal Cubillos
Bust: 37
Waist: 29
Hips: 39
What's your style: Classy, Comfy, Stylish 
How do you shop for your body type?
While shopping for clothes, I try to pick clothes that will flatter my curves. I normally look for clothing that are form fitting to my body to embrace my curves
What does it mean to be an AGC babe?
Being a AGC babe is everything I hoped it would be, I love being around empowering women who empower each other. the styles of clothing don’t compare to any other online boutique. Wearing the collection makes me feel like a boss babe that can rule the world! 

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